Africa Knows! It is time to decolonise minds


Dates to remember:

  • 30 September: Deadline conference fee. By this date all delegates have paid 50€ for the online conference.
    The amount for the starting event on 2 and 3 December will be communicated later.
  • 6 October: All accepted delegates have submitted a draft paper
  • 10 November: Deadline for sending your comments to your co-panel members about each of the papers in your panel
  • 30 November: Deadline updating your improved, semi-final paper instead of earlier one. After this date your paper will be visible for all delegates.
  • 2 December: Details about virtual access and a schedule of all panel time slots will be available on the website
  • 2+3 December: Starting event in The Hague University. Keynote speeches and panel discussions. See programme
  • 30 April: Finalizing written report of panel session