Africa Knows! It is time to decolonise minds


Essential partnerships

In the spirit of partnership, Africa Knows! will be a joint effort by African, Dutch, and other European knowledge organizations. As conference organizers, we have opted for diverging from ‘purely academic’ partners and joined hands with the applied sciences, think-tanks, and NGOs as well as traditional research universities. NUFFIC, the organization in the Netherlands with more than fifty years of experience in funding knowledge partnerships with African knowledge centres will play a key role. The conference will take place at the University for Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, in The Hague, an institution with a strong internationalization agenda and a growing relationship with Leiden University. The conference’s activities, papers, posters and results will be made available for a larger public online, with options for virtual participation for those who cannot come to The Hague. Part of the conference fee will be used to offset carbon emissions associated with the travel of participants to The Hague.

Collaborating partners

Africa Knows! will be organized by the Leiden African Studies Assembly – LeidenASA (including the African Studies Centre Leiden, and under its authority, also is involved the International Institute of Asian Studies), Erasmus University Rotterdam (both the University as a whole and the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague as well as the Partnerships Resources Centre), The Hague University of Applied Sciences (De Haagse Hogeschool, including the Heart of Africa group of diaspora students), Delft University of Technology, IHE Delft, Wageningen University and Research, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Radboud University Nijmegen, University of Groningen, Tilburg University, ECDPM, NUFFIC, NABC, Edukans, Aflatoun International, NIDI, Rutgers, Foodlog, the Knowledge Platforms INCLUDE and Food & Business, and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thematic Conference of AEGIS

The Plenary Board of AEGIS – the association of African Studies Centres in Europe – has unanimously and enthusiastically agreed to endorse Africa Knows! as a Thematic Conference of AEGIS. Key AEGIS partners involved in this decision were Leiden, Edinburgh and Cologne. In addition, the following AEGIS partners share an interest in co-organizing this event: Paris-URMIS, Paris-Cessma (under review), Bayreuth (Africa Multiple Cluster of Excellence), Barcelona/Lleida  (Grup d’Estudi de les Societats Africanes), LAM-Bordeaux, Lisbon (CEI-IUL/ISCTE), Uppsala (NAI), Leuven (IARA), Mainz (IEA), The Czech Association for African Studies (CAAS), and the African Studies Association of Italy (ASAI). From outside AEGIS, RWTH Aachen has joined, as well as the University of Bonn, Manchester University, Coventry University, the University of Konstanz, the University of Chemnitz, the Humboldt University in Berlin, and ELIAS/British Library (under review).

African collaborating partners

To date, the following African collaborating partners have agreed to participate

  • Botswana: University of Botswana
  • Burkina Faso: Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Ouagadougou
  • Cameroun: Rectorate Pan-African University (under review); University of Maroua / Yaounde 1
  • Chad: CRASH
  • DRC: ISDR: Institut Supérieur de Développement Rural – Bukavu / CREGED: Centre de Recherche et Expertise en Genre et Développement ; University of Lubumbashi
  • Egypt: NVIC and their Egyptian partner universities, including Al-Azhar University.
  • Ethiopia: University of Addis Ababa, Mekelle University
  • Ghana: Headquarters of the Association of African Universities (Accra, under review), University of Ghana at Legon (Institute of African Studies, Centre for Migration Studies, Centre for Asian Studies, and Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA), Tamale University of Development Studies, Millar Institute For Transdisciplinary and Development Studies, Bolgatanga; Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology Kumasi, Ghana
  • Kenya: Univ. of Nairobi (IDS), Moi University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, JKUAT-Nairobi (under review), JOOUST, Bondo (under review), South Eastern Kenya University, Maseno University (under review), Tangaza University (under review), National Museums of Kenya, PAL (People’s Action for Learning Network), AERC (African Economic Research Consortium), and ACTS (African Centre for Technology Studies)
  • Mauritius: University of Mauritius
  • Morocco: NIMAR and their Moroccan partner universities, including Université Internationale de Rabat, Université Mohamed V in Rabat, Université Hassan II in Casablanca
  • Mozambique: UEM Maputo
  • Namibia: University of Namibia
  • Niger: LASDEL, Niamey
  • Nigeria: Univ. of Lagos; University of Ilorin; Alex Ekwueme Fed. University in Ebonyi State; Africa in Motion; FON & NFTI; JR Farms Limited
  • Rwanda: University of Rwanda (a.o. ACE-DS) and Ethnographic Museum Rwanda
  • Senegal: CODESRIA (Dakar), Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, Université Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis
  • South Africa: International Network for Higher Education in Africa, Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa, NESO, Rhodes University, UCT, UKZN, University of Stellenbosch, UWC, Wits, University of the Free State; AJOL (Grahamstown, under review)
  • Sudan: Hydraulic Research Centre in Khartoum; the University of Khartoum
  • Uganda: Makerere University, Mbarara University (under review), Ndejje University (under review), Kampala University (under review), Advance Afrika (Kampala, under review) and Ruforum, Kampala
  • Zambia: University of Zambia (under review)
  • Zimbabwe: Great Zimbabwe University; Waternet
  • Also, from Lebanon: The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (under review).
  • Also, from Thailand: University of Thailand.

Africa Knows! team in the Netherlands

  • ASC Leiden: core team: Prof. DrJan-Bart Gewald (host), Jos Damen, Dr Mayke Kaag, Prof. Dr Chibuike Uche, Dr Harry Wels (also Vrije Universiteit), others: Dr Akinyinka Akinyoade, Dr Azeb Amha, Dr Lidewyde Berckmoes, Prof. dr Marleen Dekker (also for INCLUDE), Prof. dr Rijk van Dijk, Tycho van der Hoog, Dr Abdourahman Idrissa (also representing Lasdel Niamey), Agnieszka Kazimierczuk, Dr André Leliveld; Dr Annachiara Raia;
  • LeidenASA: core team: Prof. dr Ton Dietz (chair, also ASCL), Dr David Ehrhardt, Maaike Westra, Marieke van Winden; others:Dr Felix Ameka, Dr. Caroline Archambault, Prof. dr Mirjam de Bruijn (also ASCL), , Dr Caroline Jacobs, dr Maarten Kossmann, Prof. dr Maarten Mous, Dr Philippe Peycam, Prof. dr Peter Pels, Bert van Pinxteren, Prof. dr Mirjam van Reisen (also Tilburg University), Dr Ingrid Samset, Larissa Schulte Nordholt; Prof. dr Robert Tijssen, Dr Paul van der Velde (ICAS-IIAS);
  • EUR: Prof. drJan Nouwen (ERASMUS MC), Prof. dr Rob van Tulder (RSM/PrC), Dr Sietze Vellema (RSM/PrC, also Wageningen), Dr. Solomon Zori (RSM);
  • EUR-ISS: Dr Anthony Ongayo (co-ordination), with input from Prof. dr Arjun Bedi, Prof. dr Thea Hilhorst, Prof. dr Wil Hout, Prof. dr Peter Knorringa, dr Auma Okwany, Dr Zemzem Sheguta;
  • Delft University of Technology: Dr Ir Maurits Ertsen, Dr Hessel Winsemius;
  • IHE Delft: Dr Emanuele Fantini;
  • De Haagse Hogeschool: Antonio Frank, Marina Labrana, Rajash Rawal, Dr Jos Walenkamp;
  • Wageningen University and Research: Prof. dr Cees Leeuwis, Prof. dr Ronald Hutjes, em. Prof. dr Henk Breman;
  • Wageningen: the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation: Ken Lohento;
  • Vrije Universiteit: Dr Henk van den Heuvel, Dr Harry Wels (also ASCL);
  • Groningen University: Dr Stephen Adaawan;
  • Radboud University Nijmegen: Dr Lothar Smith and Dr Joris Schapendonk;
  • Tilburg University: Prof. dr Mirjam van Reisen (also Leiden University);
  • The National Museum of World Cultures: Dr Annette Schmidt;
  • NWO: Dr Eric Beerkens;
  • ECDPM Maastricht: Jean Bossuyt;
  • The Food & Business Knowledge Platform: Dr Anika Altaf, Frans Verberne;
  • INCLUDE Knowledge Platform: Prof. dr Marleen Dekker, Agnieszka Kazimierczuk
  • NUFFIC: David van Kampen, Samira Zafar;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Paul Litjens, Prof. dr Dirk-Jan Koch, Monique Calon;
  • NABC: Marina Diboma; Rosmarijn Fens;
  • Edukans: Ivonne de Moor, Pieter Stoer, Brigitte Cerfontaine, Mark Hoeksma;
  • Aflatoun International: James Lawrie, Livia Remeijers;
  • NIDI (Prof. Dr Leo van Wissen) ;
  • Rutgers (Dr Judith Westeneng);
  • Foodlog (Dick Veerman).
  • Advisors/Team (co-)chairs from AEGIS Centres, and other European Partners: Prof. dr Victor Adetula (NAI Uppsala), Dr David Ambrosetti (LAM Bordeaux), Dr Oliver Bakewell (University of Manchester), Dr Marie-Pierre Ballarin (URMIS Paris), Dr Maria-Antonia Barreto (Lisbon), Prof. dr Steven van Wolputte (Leuven), Prof. dr Michael Bollig (Cologne), Dr Anna-Maria Brandstetter (Mainz), Prof. dr Clara Carvalho (Lisbon), Dr Clemens Greiner (Cologne), Dr Hana Horakova (CAAS), Dr Marie Hüber (Humboldt Universität Berlin), Prof. dr Thomas Kirsch (Konstanz), Dr Thomas Molony (Edinburgh), Prof. dr Detlef Müller Mahn (Bonn), Prof. dr Wim Naudé (Aachen), Prof. drPaul Nugent (Edinburgh), Dr Antonio Pezzano (ASAI), Dr Albert Roca (Barcelona), Prof. dr Josef Schmied (Univ. of Chemnitz), Prof. dr Rüdiger Seesemann (Bayreuth), Dr Josiane Tantchou (LAM Bordeaux), Prof. dr Katherine Wimpenny (Coventry University).
  • Advisors/Team (co-)chairs from partners in Africa and elsewhere: Adodo Abalo (Burkina Faso 2 Scale),Dr Assefa Admassie (University of Addis Ababa), Prof dr. Seidu Al-hassan (Tamale UDS, Ghana), Dr Lloyd Amoah (Centre for Asian Studies, University of Ghana, Ghana), Domina Asingizwe (University of Rwanda), Mervin Bakker (NESO South Africa), Dr Yacooba Bankoro (Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Ouagadougou), Dr Chrissie Boughey (Rhodes University), Prof. dr Léon Buskens (NIMAR, Rabat), Dr Gordon Crawford (MIASA, Ghana), Elias Damtew (Addis Ababa University), Dr Ifdal Elsaket (NVIC, Cairo), Prof. dr Abel Ezeoha (Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ebonyi State Nigeria), Prof. dr Muyiwa Falaiye (University of Lagos), Tekalgn Gudissa (Ethiopia 2Scale), Cornelius Hagenmeier (University of the Free State, SA), Dr Lalita Hanwong (Kasetsart University, Thailand, Erdoo Karen Jay-Yina (Nigeria 2Scale), Dr Rudolf de Jong (NVIC, Cairo), Dr Ignace Kabano (ACE-DS Rwanda), Dr Mulinda Charles Kabwete (Univ. of Rwanda), Dr Edward Kadozi (ACE-DS Rwanda), Dr John Kamara (Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology, Tanzania), Dr Paul Kamau (University of Nairobi/IDS), Dr Leander Kandilige (UGhana/CMS), Prof. Kinfe (Mekelle University), Prof. dr Patricio Langa (UEM Maputo), Dr. Jacques Ludik (Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa, South Africa), Dr Nkululeko Mabandla (UCT), Prof. dr Kenneth Kamwi Matengu (University of Namibia), Prof. Munyaradzi Mawere (Great Zimbabwe University), Dr Sioux McKenna (Rhodes University), Dr Paschal Buberwa Mihyo (REPOA, Tanzania), Prof. dr David Millar (MITDS, Bolgatanga, Ghana, Dr David Mmari (REPOA, Tanzania), Dr Enocent Msindo (Rhodes University, South Africa), Prof. dr Johann Mouton (Stellenbosch), Dr Godwin Murunga (CODESRIA, Dakar), Prof. dr Peter Ndege (Moi University Eldoret), Dr Hassan Juma Ndzovu (Moi University Kenya), Prof. dr Njuguna Ndungu (AERC Nairobi), Prof. dr Lungisile Ntsebeza (UCT, South Africa), Prof. Ibrahim Oanda Ogachi (CODESRIA), Dr Abena Odero (MIASA, Ghana), Abiodun Dominic Odunuga (FON & NFTI, Nigeria), Abidemi Olatunbosum (Africa in Motion, Nigeria), Dr Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju (University of Ilorin, Nigeria), Prof. Jean-Marie Kileshye Onema (Waternet/Zimbabwe and University of Lubumbashi), Dr Ato Kwamena Onoma (CODESRIA), Dr Elsie Onsongo (CFIA-Hub Kenya), Joel Onyango (ACTS Nairobi), Olawale Rotimi Opeyemi (JR Farms Limited, Nigeria and elsewhere) Prof. dr Ciraj Rassool (UWC, South Africa), Dr Sarah Ruto (PAL), Dr Natéwindé Sawadogo (Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo, Ouagadougou), Dr Abdourahman Seck (Université Gaston Berger, Saint-Louis, Senegal), Dr Mathew Senga (University Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Dr Doreen Setume (University of Botswana), Prof. dr Sandra Swart (Stellenbosch, under review), Shiferaw Tafesse (University of Addis Ababa), Prof. dr Damtew Teferra (INHEA, and UKZN, South Africa), Dr Dzodzi Tsikata (IAS, University of Ghana at Legon, Ghana), Prof. dr Rungano Zvobgo (Great Zimbabwe University, under review).


Preparatory logistics are in the hands of NomadIT (who have organized various ECAS Conferences to-date). NomadIT will work with a team from De Haagse Hogeschool during the conference.