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Accepted Paper: A01-06. To panel A01.

Title of paper:

Recontextualization of learner-centred pedagogy in Rwanda: a comparative analysis of primary and secondary schools

Hester van de Kuilen (University of Amsterdam);
Hulya Altinyelken (University of Amsterdam);
Joke Voogt (University of Amsterdam).

Long abstract paper:
Learner-centred pedagogy (LCP) has become a global pedagogy and has been adopted in sub-Saharan African countries such as Rwanda, despite ample evidence of implementation failure. Most research has examined its implementation at either the primary or the secondary level. However, this qualitative study adopts a comparative approach and seeks to explore how Rwandan primary and secondary school teachers define, perceive and recontextualize LCP. The study is based on interviews and classroom observations of 12 effective teachers working in eight well-performing schools; the analysis draws on Schweisfurth's minimum standards for LCP. The case of Rwanda reveals that the majority of primary and secondary school teachers stimulated open and respectful classroom interactions. However, the recontextualization of constructivism differed substantially between the two groups. Furthermore, the findings highlight the importance of more research into the dynamics between the various standards for LCP, and the interaction of these standards with contextual factors.

* This conference took place from December 2020 to February 2021 *
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