Africa Knows! It is time to decolonise minds

Decolonisation – A chance to reimagine North-South partnerships

Dr Samia Chasi

World map and magnetic compass vector illustration.

Decolonisation has become a buzzword in higher education. One of its common calls is to put a more human face to education. With this in mind, I reflect in this piece on decolonisation in relation to North-South partnerships, with consideration of my own life and work.

In South Africa, decolonisation has been much discussed in recent years, particularly in the wake of #RhodesMustFall and other student protest movements. Despite debate and engagement in academic circles and public spaces alike, there does not seem to be a common definition of decolonisation but rather an understanding that it means different things to different people and that there are different pathways to it. So what is decolonisation, really?


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