Decolonising protest at the University of Cape Town, 2015 (source: Ntentema, Wikimedia Commons)

Why ‘decolonization’ has not been radical enough

I always felt slightly uncomfortable when decolonization made its unexpected appearance on South African university campuses in early 2015. Not the concept itself; who could argue with the observation of the lingering effects of colonial knowledge, ideas, and practices within higher education institutions today? No, my unease was not with

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Hope and Pray, Madina, Accra (June 2017, photo Birgit Meyer)

Studying Religion in and from Africa

Featured as the continent of religion par excellence, Africa is often situated in contrast to Europe, where religion – especially Christianity – is in decline. There certainly is some truth to such a view. Over and over again, when I touched ground again in Ghana in the course of my

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Dr Samia Chasi. Photo: Durban University of Technology, and iStock

Decolonisation – A chance to reimagine North-South partners

Decolonisation has become a buzzword in higher education. One of its common calls is to put a more human face to education. With this in mind, I reflect in this piece on decolonisation in relation to North-South partnerships, with consideration of my own life and work. In South Africa, decolonisation

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